Create-React-App is great, but sometimes you just want to prototype something without spinning up a whole React project

If you’ve ever wanted to just throw together a quick React POC or experiment, then you need a sandbox. But there are so many sandboxes out there to choose from, which one is best? Here’s a list of 5 sandboxes that are worth your time and attention.


With interest rates falling, is moving your money into cryptocurrency staking a good idea?

2021 has been a crazy year. Whilst we’ve all been locked away with little to do, the cryptocurrency market has been on an aggressive Bullrun, similar to that of 2017.

This small difference makes a big change in usability.

React hooks banner picture

You may have written your own custom hooks in React before which looked a bit like this:

const useExample = () => {
let myVar = "";

// Hook Logic...
return {

And called it like this:


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you grew up in the 2000s then this is probably even more true.

Captain Crunch game title card

I used to love breakfast as a kid. The excitement of opening a new box of cereal and unwrapping a badly injection-moulded plastic toy. …

Harness the power of sentiment analysis and start writing easier-to-understand articles.

Picture this.
You stumble across an interesting article. The headline draws you in with a bold statement and the subheading hooks your interest. But as you start to read on, you realise that this article is 100% pure rambling

The story behind the internet’s favorite “meme stock”.

Gamestop stock graph going way up in value

If you use social media or keep half an eye on financial news, you’ve probably seen something a little surprising. $GME, the stock symbol for GameStop, has risen in value a massive 5,275.30% in price. But what’s going on here?? …

How big do you think your digital footprint is?

Whether it’s liking an Instagram post or checking your favorite news app for the latest Covid information, we’re continuously and unavoidably generating data. As we browse and binge, our behavior is tracked, stored and interpreted, eventually being sold back to us in the form of scarily accurate targeted advertising. If…

8 rules to bear in mind for your next UI project

“People ignore design that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero

Put simply, UI can make or break your product. Humans, for all our self-perceived intelligence, are in fact relatively shallow and simple creatures. We place a high value on things that look pleasing to the eye even if they perform below…

Don’t get caught out by this somewhat surprising interaction.

I was writing a GET request to an endpoint the other day and in my testing, I was receiving a lot of 400 errors. 400 errors are to do with client errors, basically errors caused by the person making the request…

A picture of a darkly lit city

If you’re currently or aspiring to be a node.js developer, knowing the difference between npx and npm is essential.

If you’re reading this article you’re probably already familiar already with what npm is. For those that are not, npm is simply a package manager — a CLI tool that allows…

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