How big do you think your digital footprint is?

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Whether it’s liking an Instagram post or checking your favorite news app for the latest Covid information, we’re continuously and unavoidably generating data. As we browse and binge, our behavior is tracked, stored and interpreted, eventually being sold back to us in the form of scarily accurate targeted advertising. If the product is free, you are the product. And what makes up “you” online? You are your data.

The scary part of this is that you probably already know and accept this. How many times have you joked about Alexa secretly recording you, or talked about a product in a…

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8 rules to bear in mind for your next UI project

“People ignore design that ignores people.” — Frank Chimero

Put simply, UI can make or break your product. Humans, for all our self-perceived intelligence, are in fact relatively shallow and simple creatures. We place a high value on things that look pleasing to the eye even if they perform below par. This is part of the reason Apple is a trillion-dollar company.

UI is the way in which humans and computers interface and as a developer, it’s part of our job to streamline this interaction. …

Don’t get caught out by this somewhat surprising interaction.

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I was writing a GET request to an endpoint the other day and in my testing, I was receiving a lot of 400 errors. 400 errors are to do with client errors, basically errors caused by the person making the request. Some common 400 errors are;
- 400 Bad Request
- 401 Unauthorized
- 404 Not Found
418 I’m a teapot (Ok maybe not so much this one, but it is a real error code)

Now, this was absolutely fine, I had excepted to run into these errors. But what…

A picture of a darkly lit city
A picture of a darkly lit city
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If you’re currently or aspiring to be a node.js developer, knowing the difference between npx and npm is essential.

If you’re reading this article you’re probably already familiar already with what npm is. For those that are not, npm is simply a package manager — a CLI tool that allows us to install and use various packages of code from the Node library. Npm can do much more than this but, for simplicity's sake, we can just think of it as allowing us to download and run packages locally within our projects.

Npx is very similar to npm, but differs…

From CRA to Github Pages in 3 mins

1. Create a Github Repo

We can’t have GitHub pages without a GitHub repo so let's make a blank one.

A quick look at the what, why and how of curried functions in JS using ES6 notation.

What is a Curried Function?

A curried function is essentially the same as a regular function except for one difference — It can take multiple arguments sequentially / one at a time.
Instead of calling a function with all the arguments and returning a result, a curried function can be called with 1 or more arguments at a time, returning a function that can take the next argument(s) before eventually returning the result.

How do you write a Curried Function?

Let's use the classic example of a method which adds up 2 numbers, x and…

If you have limited experience with either Postgres/DBs or Heroku it can seem a bit daunting to try and configure it all from scratch. This article will explain the absolute basics of working with Heroku Postgres. The code examples will be written in Node.js, but the setup principles remain the same regardless of your chosen language.

1 — Why use Heroku Postgres?
2 — Tools Required
3 — Provisioning a new Postgres database
4 — Running SQL commands/queries

1 — Why use Heroku Postgres?

Heroku is a great place to host a variety of different applications which need to be constantly running and able to react…

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